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Morton Rocking Horses Birmingham is a UK rocking horse restorer and English rocking horse maker offering you the finest hand made wooden rocking horses and rocking horse restoration.

We offer superb Victorian rocking horses which features an acclaimed stable of extra large and king size rocking horses for horse-loving older children and adults. These horses are tacked-up with the finest authentic removable English leather tack.

You can also select from our vintage and antique rocking horses and take advantage of our acclaimed antique rocking horse restoration service for old rocking horses large and small. The finest restorers attend to rocking horse repairs and renovation, and Birmingham rocking horse restoration is a speciality.



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Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse

"Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse" has delighted discerning parents and enthralled children, all over Europe.

It brings together inspired rocking horse design with highest standards of European craftsmanship. Hand-crafted in beautiful solid beechwood and featuring leather ears and a soft woolen mane and tail, this is a rocking horse to treasure.

Optional extras include the lovely made-to measure leather saddle and bride shown in the picture.

Traditional Rocking Horse

The UK is recognised as the cradle of rocking horse making by rocking horse lovers the world over. The British tradition of hand-carving dapple grey and other rocking horses dates back to the 18th Century.

Today our craftsmen
proudly maintain that great rocking horse heritage by producing the finest traditional rocking horses on both bow rockers (as the picture) or safety stands (often known in the U.S. as gliders) by hand using time-honoured methods. These are wonderfully elegant creations which are the fruit of decades of experience.

These Victorian rocking horses represent the friendly face of rocking horse tradition and are fit to grace the finest of homes.

traditional rocking horse

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